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Helpful Guides

This page will hold a collection of some of our help documentation and guides. These guides are full of information regarding common questions that we receive and information that we feel is important to help make proper decisions about repairs and purchasing a new system.

All documents are in PDF format.

How to Pick a Gaming PC

This handy guide will help you figure out what to look for when picking a gaming PC as well as a few common requirements for some of today's more popular games.


Click here to download.

System Requirements

Here is a list of a bunch of popular  games that we see as well as links to their system requirements. Use this with our How to Pick a Gaming PC Guide.


Click here to download.

What is Windows S Mode

This guide will help explain what the Windows S Mode is that comes on a lot of new laptops with Windows 10 or 11.


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Types of M.2 SSD's: SATA vs NVMe

M.2 SSD's have taken over. This guide will help you identify the 2 types available and the differences between them.


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Windows, Encryption and You

This guide will give you information about the new encryption features built into Windows that may affect the security and repairability of your new PC.


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How much VRAM do you need

Trying to figure out how much memory you need on your video card? This guild will help.


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