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Check out some of our custom built gaming PC's!

Check out this clean new build we designed for a customer. This is a workhorse designed for A/V production so not too much in the way of flashy lights but it does have plenty of power for editing. This system features an Intel Core i9-12900K CPU to handle all the heavy lifting, 64GB of RAM so you never have to worry about memory while working on large projects, a 512GB main SSD to keep the OS nice and snappy, a server grade 4TB SSD for reliable and fast storage, an RTX 4070 12GB video card to power thru the toughest rendering tasks, a 240MM liquid cooler to keep everything running nice and cool, a 850W power supply to provide all the juice it could ever need, and all packed into a Corsair 4000D case to give plenty of room for future expansion. Stop in today to have us custom build a system for whatever your needs are! Built 4/29/2023.

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